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We are retail dealer for Majava trailers, one of Finland’s biggest trailer- and boat trailers manufacturers. All of our trailers holds a high ISO standard and are sold with a 24 month guarantee.
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  • Majava 5032

    Flatbed size 150x326x23cm Leaf springs + dampers. Suitable for transportation of a snowmobile or quad biking.

    Price: 24 200 swedish crowns.

    Add winter tires for 790 swedish crowns/ each.

  • 'Bergkapell provide such a good service. They are quick to develop accurate, quality products which have a long life.' Peder Blomkvist, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.
  • 'We receive such good treatment from Bergkapell. They provide us with great service, quick delivery times and excellent products all at good prices. Their customer support team make us feel very reassured. We are certainly a satisfied customer. ' Bernt Andersson, Svevia Maskin
  • 'As a Bergkapell customer, I have been made to feel very welcome by the team. They provide good service, great delivery times and excellent products, all at a good price. When I do business with Bergkapell, I feel confident that the job will be done.' Client

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